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Have a Maine doctor check your tick bite without leaving home

Maine is the number one state in the country for lyme disease.  We want to change that.

Early prevention matters. That's what we do.

Founded by a Maine physician, we are a first of its kind telemedicine service helping the Maine community prevent Lyme disease by treating high risk tick bites in a remarkably efficient and dramatically affordable way while you go about your day.

What we do:

• Help identify the type of tick that bit you
• Determine if your bite is a high risk bite  
• Provide medical advice and treatment including prescriptions sent to your Maine pharmacy if needed.  

All from the comfort of your home or office

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Do you have a recent tick bite?

Do you have a tick bite rash but otherwise feel well?

Do you want to know how to treat this bite and help prevent lyme disease?

You will know your total costs and pay online prior to your appointments. We do not participate with insurances.

• Pick your time
If you answered yes to any or all of the above, you need to complete our intake forms below and pick out your preferred time to connect.

• Secure video visit
We then video connect you directly with our founding Maine physician, using a secure online connection, at the time you select from your computer, tablet or smartphone.  

• Info and prescriptions to you quickly
With only a few additional questions, we can generally determine if treatment is needed and can electronically send any needed prescriptions to your Maine pharmacy.

* Note:  We currently provide care for people located in Maine at the time of their care and using Maine pharmacies.

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book a time

who we are

We are founded by Catherine Lockwood MD, a Maine licensed,  ABFM  (America Board of Family Medicine) Board Certified family physician living in Freeport, Maine.

Evaluating tick bites and lyme disease as a practicing physician for nearly 20 years, she trained in Connecticut where lyme disease was first identified. She has experience working as a hospitalist, primary care provider and most recently as an urgent care physician.

We follow the national CDC and Maine CDC lyme prevention and treatment guidelines including the new Infectious Disease Society of America Lyme guidelines and recommendations for evaluation and treatment of tick bites and lyme disease released in June of 2019.  


What are your fees?

Answer:  Our consultations are $29.  Our goal is to increase the number of people who have access to this preventative care so our fee is just a fraction of what it would cost you out-of-pocket for an office visit.  For those of you who have insurance and would be paying a copay in the office, we are trying to keep your costs close to what your co-pay would be while offering you the added convenience of completing your visit from home or work, 7 days a week at the time you choose.  We do not bill insurance companies for our services.

What are your hours?

Answer:  Our available appointments will vary every day so check the schedule when you need our help.  We have appointments available 7 days a week during tick season anywhere from 6 am to 9 pm throughout the day.  You can also try sending an email to drlockwood@treatmytickbite.com if you do not see an available appointment that meets your needs and we may be able to adjust our schedule.  We will be working during tick season which is typically from March through November.  People do get tick bites December through February depending on our weather but in much lower numbers so during these months, you can try emailing directly to drlockwood@treatmytickbite.com if you are needing a consultation.

What payment do you accept?

Answer:  We use a secure, online electronic payment system called Stripe.   Stripe works with all major credit cards.  Submitting your payment information is required to secure your desired time slot.  We are not accepting later payments by mail at this time.

What if after the consultation, you decide that I should see my regular doctor?

Answer:  Our goal is to provide this preventative care to those who need it but there will be times when your symptoms or situation suggest that you need services other than what we offer.  If during the consultation, we determine our services are not right for you, we will refund your payment in full and help you select another healthcare option that will better meet your needs.

What happens after the visit?

Answer:  At the conclusion of our visit any medications that are needed will be sent to the pharmacy you selected.  We will also send you an email detailing the important advice and information you were provided during your visit about tick bites in Maine, the health risks involved, symptoms of tick-borne illnesses and needed treatment and prevention to consider.    We work hard to make clear to you that if you are feeling ill or your symptoms are getting worse, you should always seek additional medical care.  

What about the other diseases that ticks can spread?

Answer:   Our services are for people living and visiting here in Maine.  In Maine, there are several tick-borne illnesses but the most common continues to be Lyme disease caused by some deer tick (black-legged tick) bites.  Not all deer ticks carry Lyme infection and not all deer tick bites spread infection to people.   The National and Maine CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the ISDA (International Infectious Disease Association) support preventative antibiotic treatment for high-risk tick bites in endemic areas.  Maine is an endemic area for Lyme disease and our services help you determine if your bite was high-risk and therefore if you would benefit from preventative antibiotics.  We then prescribe any needed treatment to your pharmacy.

The other tick-borne illnesses seen in Maine do not have the recommendation for preventative treatment with antibiotics before you develop symptoms so they are not the focus of our services.  Anaplasmosis and babesiosis are infections caused by ticks that typically do not cause a rash but within about 10 days after the bite have you feeling ill, weak, tired with fevers, body aches, headaches.  These two infections can be treated by antibiotics.  If you are having these symptoms without a rash, you should be seen in person by a medical provider as there are a number of possible causes for your illness to consider outside of tick bites.  

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